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  • .38 Round *100

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  • Fuel *100

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  • Glass *100

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  • Purified water *10

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  • (#New)Bloodied Gatling Plasma - Level 50

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  • Stimpak:Super

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  • Large (handmade) Holiday Gift*1000

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  • Anti-armor Plasma Thrower | 25% Faster Fire Rate | 25% Less V.A.T.S. AP Cost

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  • Anti-armor Handmade - Bullets explode + Ignores 50% armor -25%v

    15.9 USD Buy
  • Anti-Armor Explosive Gauss Rifle [15% Faster Reload]

    15.9 USD Buy
  • Anti-Armor Explosive Lever Action Rifle [25% Less Vats]

    15.9 USD Buy
  • Anti-Armor Explosive Minigun [15% Vats fast]

    15.9 USD Buy
  • Anti-Armor Explosive Pilgrim Musket [15% Reload]

    15.9 USD Buy
  • Anti-armor Handmade + Ignores 50% armor + 25% faster fire —25%v

    15.9 USD Buy
  • Anti-Armor Explosive Laser Rifle [+1perception]

    15.9 USD Buy
  • Bloodied 50 Cal Machine Gun - Bullets explode 15% faster reload

    15.9 USD Buy

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